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Immunotherapy Clinical Trial For Advanced Melanoma Patients
Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Photo courtesy OfficialScience20

Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Photo courtesy OfficialScience20


Cancer Treatment Navigator (CTN) provides expert, personalized services for identifying cancer immunotherapy trials that are closely matched based on extensive review of your cancer’s genetic profile and your medical records. For Advanced Melanoma patients, there is an immunotherapy trial, KEYNOTE-252/ECHO-301, that is important to consider. This is a study investigating the combination of the Immunotherapy Keytruda with Epacadostat (an agent that acts as a different arm of the immune system than Keytruda, and leads to enhanced anti-tumor activity). This combination of two immunotherapy drugs, is expected to bring better results.  The study is enrolling patients at more than 120 locations. The CTN team matches cancer patients with the appropriate trial based on their medical & treatment history and works with your Oncologist as part of your personal cancer care team.