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The Power Of Immunotherapy, Self Advocacy And Partnership

Cancer challenger, David Dunnington teamed up with Dr. Shailendra Bhatia at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) toward initiating immunotherapy treatment to curb his cancer when he was running out of options. David had an uncommon Melanoma called acral lentiginous melanoma and his disease had spread after traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. David's tumors shrunk after a few doses of an immunotherapy that was in clinical trials at that time. David's key messages about cancer treatment navigation? He shared with Q13Fox reporter MARNI HUGHES that advocating for himself by researching and bringing ideas about treatment options, combined with a team that would listen to him is the key to effective outcomes. The video provides an impactful narrative from David and more details of the story are in the news article.

Cancer Clinical Trials Can Be Life Saving Treatments
Photo Courtesy: @StephanieJoho Twitter 

Photo Courtesy: @StephanieJoho Twitter 


Colon Cancer survivor Stephanie Joho, provides valuable guidance about appreciating the uniqueness of your cancer, and striving for the best possible treatment options in a Washington Post article. Asking for second opinions, seeking information about genetic testing and exploring clinical trial treatments can alter the outcomes of your cancer prognosis.

Your cancer care team should be carefully assembled. In addition to Oncologists, consider professionals who understand the science behind treatments as well as the complexity of the cancer treatment landscape. The Cancer Treatment Navigator (CTN) team are scientific professionals who provide expert navigation of immunotherapy clinical trials among others, based on a patient's medical history and genetic mutation profile. We believe every cancer patient is different and should get individualized treatment plans that are not limited by the only options available as part of standardized treatment protocols. CTN helps cancer patients and their loved ones understand complex cancer biology and treatment options in simple language. We provide each individual patient and their loved ones, the time and attention they deserve. Our personalized services, remain rooted in a thorough understanding of the constraints, difficulties, and emotional experiences of cancer patients.

If you or someone you care about has received a cancer diagnosis, please call or email CTN. We facilitate faster access to treatment options beyond standard of care, and our services are nationwide.

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Immunotherapy Clinical Trial For Advanced Melanoma Patients
Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Photo courtesy OfficialScience20

Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Photo courtesy OfficialScience20


Cancer Treatment Navigator (CTN) provides expert, personalized services for identifying cancer immunotherapy trials that are closely matched based on extensive review of your cancer’s genetic profile and your medical records. For Advanced Melanoma patients, there is an immunotherapy trial, KEYNOTE-252/ECHO-301, that is important to consider. This is a study investigating the combination of the Immunotherapy Keytruda with Epacadostat (an agent that acts as a different arm of the immune system than Keytruda, and leads to enhanced anti-tumor activity). This combination of two immunotherapy drugs, is expected to bring better results.  The study is enrolling patients at more than 120 locations. The CTN team matches cancer patients with the appropriate trial based on their medical & treatment history and works with your Oncologist as part of your personal cancer care team.